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Sep. 5th, 2009

WE GOT A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can I just say fucking boys suck
Their dirty, miss the damn toliet, can never pick up after themselves, and so many other things
But I won't go into the others
I just can't believe people can allow themselves to live in flith for so long
This includes you Lane
You could have cleaned up
Damnit your bathroom was fucking nasty
But it's ok I took out my aggresson I have been feeling from marc out on the soap skum and dirt
Though I almost did kill myself mowing the lawn
Who the fuck threw a piece of scrap metal in my damn yard
Ugh  bastards
But being in a clean house that smells nice instead of stale sweat and beer with the hint of rottening food is such a relief.
Remind me to never leave for three months again or my house will go into the dumps again
It's ok thopugh the piece of shit dead beat is getting kicked out tomorrow and I can breath so much better then
Yay for this
 This flirting thing
I likie
And it feels nice to get complements from guys who really don't know me and their not lying cause why would they waste their time
So yep a sergeant in the army now and another soldier too
But I like the serg so we'll see where that goes

Cuse the douch boyfriend is a dick
Well ex-boyfriend
I've got that feeling again and I hate having to fight it everyday

Sometimes I really just want to get up and go for a long long run
But I know I can't 

I just want to get down to 120
I'm tired of waiting


Bored bored bore

 I went for a five mile run today
Did  my leg magic workout
An now I'm bored out of my mind
I'm not scheduled to work this week and I feel kinda useless
I'm sad cause I like work
It keeps me busy and my mind off other things

But lucky I've been sent tutorials on lefty crocheting so off I'm going to watch those
I want to make a baby blanket for kevin and amanda
I can't believe I'm going to be aunt in Dec
And hopefully in a week we'll know the sex of the baby

I had to post it up because I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!
I've lost 35 pounds all together as it stands right now!
It has taken me three years to get back down below 200 and now i'm in the 170's

I love that I'm not giving up and do somwthing everyday whether it's for 2 hours or 15 mins worth
I can't believe that I'm shedding these pounds

Four hours and counting

I have buckel down and am serious about learning french so I don't feel like a complete fool on the first day in that class. I swear that woman is a nazi stuck in a small woman's body. She can bring strong individuals to tears imagine what she will do to lil ol' sensitive me?
I really don't *shivers*

But I got up this morning and sat down to listen to my cds and write down everything
I'm only on lesson four and it took me four hours
Geeze my eye is sour
Don't poke fun of my lyssa
You big meanie
One eye willy here needed a break from all those gender confused nouns

Plus the fact I'm tired as hell because yet again I had a sleepless night thanks to my crappy sleeping pills
I can't handle only getting four hours of sleep till thursday
It's getting on my damn nerves

But I will say that if I was to start that french class I wouldn't feel completely lost
I know I have milestones to get to but I have heard four hours worth of the begining level of french and know if I work uber hard at it I will survive and may even make high marks in the nazi's class

A happy blog

I sound like a depressed raging bitch who rants about shit

but I'm not tooo bad
I am a happy go lucky girl who can very happy and up beat

I'm loyal to a fault and protect those who I regard close to me
I may be only 5 foot but I'm one mean spit fire
Got that short temper the Irish are famous for
I can cook amazingly well
And I could be that classic 50's wife girl when I want to be

But I usually not
I'm a theate kid to the very end and love being onstage or working backstage because doing anything in the theater warms my soul
I'm going to school for my bach. in theater and history
Almost finished with the degree too then off to grad school
In a year I'll be heading to Texas for a visite to my bestie and during the way have to stop in nashville to see my KlaireBear

Well that's enough about my personal life

Just wanted to say I can be a nice girl too

Old memories

Really you two are completely stupid
Your together that's all that matters
No matter what you say
You two still spend every waking minute with one another
Just get back together and be done with it
Fuck your fucking like animals as it is

And you bastard
That's what I have to say to you
Flirting and shit then you go around and pull that shit
The fuck
I'm sooooo glade.........
You're almost
Almost as bad ad D
But your still not a fucker like him so I'll give you that
We at least talked about it
Well in a way
But we talked
Still was really fucked up what you did to cassie
Fucked her then dropped her
You ass

Needing one of those long walks

I am about to go for my third walk of the day because my meds aren't working and I just feel like escaping for awhile. I just feel hat I'm chocking if I stay still for too long.
I guess it doesn't help that I have no idea wat is going on with my love life right now
Are we together
Are we done
What the fuck are we
You never want to talk about it till we're face to face
So yet another month of not knowing

Then there's the fact that apparently I was the other the woman for your skank ass
God I feel so cheap and used cause of you
I opened myself up and yep you threw me to the side
I wouldn't feel this way if you had kept talking to me
But you haven't spoken to me in what.....three weeks now
Fuck you

God my neves are so wound up I can't even really eat anything
I feel so pathetic
One eye willy here
And I'm a fucked up theater kid who's listening to her french so she can survive in that damn class